• Stainless steel, visible surface brushed
  • Double drip tray to avoid condensation
  • Drain on customers request

Finned coilblock:

  • Copper tubes ø 15 mm according to DIN 1754, 17671, made of SF-Cu 99.9%
  • Tube spacing 50mm x 50mm align Aluminium fins, thickness 0.25mm, fin spacing 7.0mm
  • Copper tube soldering connections according to DIN 8905-1, closed
  • Protective gas charge
  • Pressure and leaktest with air 27.5bar over-pressure underwater according to DruckbehV (pressure vessel regulation) and TRB 801, paragraph 14 (Prüfgr. II) and 522
  • Tube arrangement according to customers request

Fan assernblies:

  • Axial fans with external rotor motors, 400 / 440V, 3Ph, 50 / 60Hz
  • Electrical design according to VDE 0530, protection class IP 54
  • Motors equipped with thermo contact
  • Rotor and impeller as a homogeneous die cast aluminium body
  • Protection grille chrome-plated
  • Application range: -35°C to +60°C

Defrost heating:

  • Electric heater rods made of CrNi-sleve tubes ø 8.5mm
  • Electrical design according to VDE regulations