Capacity data

Air capacity (m3/h):

The air capacities have been determined on a suction side chamber testing stand according to DIN 24163, DIN 1952 and BS 848 with dry cooler surface.

Air throw (m):

The air throw has been determined according to CECOMAF-Standard GT 6-001:1982 and represents the range from the outlet area of the air cooler after which the air velocity is reduced to 0.25 m/s.

Capacity (kW):

The capacity data is based on measurements according to ENV 328 at the following conditions:

  • Refrigerant R404A / R507
  • Liquid temperature 30°C resp. 20°C (for evaporating temperatures below -20°C)
  • Super heat of refrigerant at the outlet approx. 65% of the air inlet temperature difference

The selection diagram and the capacity table are considering already the influence of the air humidity and specify the actual capacity of the cooler under operating conditions (wet and frosted cooler surface).
The capacities refer according to the EUROVENT Certifitation Programm to the inlet temperature difference DT1 = air inlet temperature ­ evaporating temperature at the outlet (saturation temperature) te.

Capacities with R134a and R22:

When using these refrigerants the catalogue rated capacity has to be multiplied with the factor f (see diagram)